Patrimonium Middle Market Debt Fund

German speaking Mittelstand companies are the backbone of the European economy. These companies are typically family-owned and can look back over generations of company history. They distinguish themselves with market proven business models and high quality products. Family tradition and independence are usually more important than short-term success. This long term approach has led to a large number of companies which are world market technology leaders within their niches and high export rates which contribute to Germany`s economic success.

A prerequisite for this economic success is credit which was historically supplied by the well-established German banking system. After the financial crisis of 2008/2009 and also further accelerated by increasing regulatory requirements from Basel II/III accords the German banking system is forced to retrench from the lending to Mittelstand companies. A more anglo-saxon type of lending landscape is about to further emerge in Europe and lending funds will play a major role to fill the gap left behind by traditional banks.


Our hands-on approach, which is based on active management and close involvement in each phase of the investment process, enables us to tailor individualized financing solutions, for all involved parties. We share risks and returns on a mutually basis. Our Private Debt investment approach is delivering a financial planning reliability and an entrepreneurial liberty to Mittelstand companies. We do not consider ourselves as better entrepreneurs, but as a bridge investor, who gives companies financial liberty which is needed to grow the company successfully in the future.