Investment Philosophy

At Patrimonium, we analyse and monitor investments with the greatest of care:


Independent Deal Sourcing

Since 2001, we have built on the wide-reaching network of contacts we developed ourselves in the mid-sized company environment and we avoid taking part in auctions wherever possible. Our know-how and organisation enable us to take advantage of arising opportunities rapidly and in a goal-oriented manner and develop and implement custom-tailored solutions.


Capital Maintenance

Avoiding potential losses is paramount to us and thus we purse a conservative purchasing and financing policy. We also create long-term value by strategically re-aligning the companies in which we invest with growth potential, an area in which we boast extensive expertise and international experience.

We provide not only financial support, but also assist on-site in implementing strategies.


Selection as a core component

We are firmly convinced that the key to the success of an instrument lies in selecting it. An in-depth on-site audit, analysis and assessment of a company is a prerequisite to this. We analyse, in particular the company’s suitability for potential growth in additional markets as well as the organisational and human resources.