Investment criteria

Target companies have their head office located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria (the so called "DACH" region) Alsace or Northern Italy region. They typically show an annual turnover between €20m and €200m and generate positive cash flows.


What we look for

Target companies:

  • Small to medium-sized enterprise with leading positions in specific niche markets and a good growth potential
  • Growth potential via buy-and-build as well as digitalization
  • Service companies (B2B & B2C), industrial and consumer goods, building industry, logistics
  • Annual revenues typically ranging from €20m to €200m
  • Transaction sizes between €10m to €80m

Formal requirements

  • Established companies with positive cash flows, no start-up companies
  • Majority or substantial minority investments


What we offer

Expansion or succession financings meeting the company’s needs for customized financing solutions such as:

  • Equity for Mittelstand companies in the DACH region
  • Funds for the realization of growth through geographic expansion or innovation and/or acquisitions for market consolidation (Buy & Build)
  • Succession solutions, changes in shareholder structure, MBO’s/MBI’s and corporate spin-off’s
  • Team as a partner with long operative experience in various industries

The typical holding period of our investments is 5 to 7 years.


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