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Important Legal Information

When accessing the website of Patrimonium AG and within mentioned affiliated companies (hereinafter called the "website"), you state with this action that you have understood the legal terms and conditions and that you are in agreement with them. If you do not agree with or do not accept the terms and conditions, please do not access our website.


Local legal limitations

None of the products referred to in this website are available, and prospectuses in respect of them will not be distributed, to persons resident in any country, state or jurisdiction where such distribution would be contradictory to local law or regulation. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not access this website.

It is a responsibility of the user to ensure that she/he is legally entitled to access this website. Only the prospectus and the annual report translated in the language of the user's country of domicile contain the information and the specificities eventually required by the Regulator of the concerned country.


United States of America

None of the products listed in this website has been registered in the United States of America under the "1933 Securities Act". As a consequence none of these funds is intended to be offered, neither directly nor indirectly, in the United States of America (including territories and colonies), to nationals and persons domiciled in the United States of America and to persons normally domiciled in the United States of America. Persons in respect of whom such prohibitions apply must not access this website.



The whole content of the website is subject to copyright (all rights reserved). The logo of Patrimonium is a registered trademark. Using the website does not grant the user any right in its content, in its software, in any registered trademark or in any other element of the website. Any reproduction or utilization of the website and the logo of Patrimonium for a public or commercial purpose without prior written consent of Patrimonium is prohibited.


No offer

The information and opinions disclosed on the website constitute neither an invitation nor an offer to purchase or sell securities or any other investment instruments nor an invitation or an offer to perform any other transaction. They merely serve purposes of information. The information and opinions provided on the website do not constitute recommendations or guidance for decisions concerning your investments and other matters and do not have any advice character whatsoever. Instead, we recommend you to contact your customer advisor or security dealer.


Investment Funds

The information about Patrimonium-Funds on the website is not directed to any person resident in any country where the access to this information or the publication of information about these funds is forbidden by the local law.


No guarantee

Patrimonium is as diligent as possible in compiling and updating the information on the website. However, Patrimonium and its contractual partners do not furnish any guarantee (including liability towards third parties) in respect of correctness, updating and completeness of the information and opinions disclosed on the website. Furthermore, Patrimonium does not assume any responsibility and does not guarantee in any way that the functions on its website are not interrupted or that they are free of errors, that errors are rectified or that the site or the respective server is free of viruses or any other detrimental elements.


Reservation concerning changes

All of the information, performance and other representations, links or other messages may be changed at any time without prior notice or explanation to the user.



The value of the invested capital or the price of shares in funds as well as the yield and the amounts distributed are subject to fluctuations and may cease altogether. A positive performance (development of value) in the past does, therefore, not constitute any guarantee for a positive performance in the future. Particularly, the protection of the invested capital cannot be warranted; there is thus no guarantee that the value of the employed capital or the shares held in funds will correspond to the original capital upon the sale or the withdrawal of the originally employed capital. Investments in foreign currencies are exposed to the additional risk of exchange rates or currency risks, i.e. the development of the value of such investments also depends on the volatility of the foreign currency which might bear negatively on the value of the invested capital. The risk / yield potential in investment funds is, in addition, dependent on the investment policy and the investment emphasis of the individual investment fund. Investments within the technology and emerging markets sectors are very volatile and losses upon disposal may be very high. Neither the members of Patrimonium nor its contractual partners assume a liability for possible losses.


Exclusion of liability

Patrimonium and its contractual partners decline any liability (including negligence and third party liability) for any losses caused by direct and indirect damages of any kind in connection with the information, performance and other representations, links or other communications contained in this website or related to the risks of financial markets.


Website links

You may possibly leave the website by using a link. Patrimonium has not verified the websites of third parties linked to the website and does not assume any responsibility for their content, particularly not for the offers, information and opinions contained therein.


Legal guidance on the use of E-Mail

Please note that the use of E-Mail is entirely voluntary. If you do make use of these services, please take time to read through the following legal guidelines that apply to them. The transmission of E-Mail messages via public networks is an unprotected medium, and these messages can potentially be intercepted, read and tampered with by third parties. Even if both the sender and recipient of the message are located in Switzerland, E-Mail texts are commonly transmitted across borders, without any controls. This means that third parties are able to not only intercept the content, but also identify the sender and recipient of the E-Mail message, and draw conclusions about existing banking relationships. The same applies to E-Mail messages used in communications with Patrimonium. Patrimonium is authorized to send users E-Mails messages. Unless an agreement to the contrary is made, however, any messages and orders (including payment instructions) sent by E-Mail are not binding on Patrimonium. Patrimonium does not accept any liability whatsoever for damages or losses resulting from the use of E-Mail or as a result of orders placed by E-Mail being received late or not at all. For technical reasons, Patrimonium is unable to guarantee the availability of the E-Mail services. Patrimonium does not accept any liability whatsoever for losses resulting from E-Mail messages being received late or not at all. These conditions equally apply to other unprotected forms of communication whose function and risk exposure is similar to that of E-Mail.



Investors are advised to contact their tax consultant in respect of legal tax provisions at the tax domicile of the investor concerning holding or purchasing or selling of shares, shares in funds and other investment products and the pertaining effects on taxation.


Applicable law

Should a legal relationship result between the user and Patrimonium from using the website this will be subject to Swiss law.