Investment Philosophy

As a company that regards itself foremost as a team of entrepreneurs, Patrimonium favours real estate investments that combine long-term capital appreciation with low risk, and rejects short-term capital gains arising from opportunistic trading. Identifying investment opportunities comes from understanding market trends. Our acquisition teams have stood firm through a range of property cycles that give us a competitive edge.


Our focus is residential real estate in markets that offer the right macro-economic and demographic conditions to achieve sustainable long-term capital appreciation through active asset management.


We carefully select and structure our state of the art investment vehicles in order to match best our investor's needs:


Proactive proprietary sourcing

Our team constantly scouts the market for opportunities that match our investment criteria using a comprehensive series of off-market networks and contacts developed over the past 15 years.

This proprietary platform enables us to react swiftly, often in advance of competing interests, to take advantage of opportunities before they come to market.

Comprehensive due diligence

The relative success or failure of a real estate investment is often determined at the point of acquisition - which is the reason we place so much emphasis on a pre-acquisition valuation.

We begin by drawing on our established network to assess a property's location, environment, demographics, and technical and legal status. Completed valuations are considered in reference to our own assessment of an investment's market potential and sustainability.

Comprehensive financing

Once an opportunity for acquisition passes due diligence and appropriate financing has been structured, we seek approval from our investment committee.

Long-established partnerships with leading banks and insurance groups ensure a smooth transaction at competitive rates, leaving the way open for final negotiations.

Property asset management

Individual strategies are defined for every property purchased to ensure its full investment potential is realized.

Subcontractors and suppliers are carefully selected to ensure the best price/service ratio is achieved, and we constantly exploit the power of bulk buying to purchase building materials.

It's our conviction that tenant satisfaction is the key to a property's long-term success. As such, properties are modernised to the demands of the market and overseen by highly professional property managers, carefully monitored for their consistent performance.

Exit strategy

We rely on our own proprietary research and the best independent information available to keep abreast of market trends.

Prevailing market conditions are constantly monitored and compare our long-term strategy and to optimize the individual exit timing for each investment/fund.