Private Debt

Middle market companies require capital to grow or to restructure, but debt financing from the traditional banking channels becomes more difficult to obtain - due to tighter regulations and a change in the overall lending landscape.

Also, traditional bank credit formats do not always correspond to the particular needs of mid-sized companies. 

Private debt solutions constitute an innovative funding component, flexible and tailormade to the needs of mid-sized companies.

A European private lending pioneer who provided funds in excess of EUR 750M to no less than 150 companies since the launch of its first fund in 2012, Patrimonium has made a name for itself as a lender to the "Mittelstand" - a term referring to the middle market in the German-speaking part of Europe. Patrimonium mainly provides senior-secured loans to mid-size European companies (mainly German and Swiss) with an annual turnover of approx. EUR 20M to EUR 500M.