Social Responsibility

At Patrimonium, performance and sustainability are two sides of a same behaviour.

We bring a performance-orientated approach to the alternative finance sectors in which we historically operate. But long term performance-orientation and sustainability are not in contrast, on the contrary, they go hand in hand.

The anticipation of societal, human and environmental needs provide the very guidance for the active management of the portfolios that were entrusted to our company.

This anticipation defines Patrimonium’s long term strategy, but also each team member’s daily activities.

We aim at surpassing the standards and legal frameworks of each sector where we operate, mainly Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

In alignment with the personal values of its founders, the company does not engage in activities that are illicit, socially abusive, environmentally harmful, or contrary to a moral and ethical code of conduct.

As FINMA authorised asset manager, Patrimonium strictly follows the policies in force in Switzerland and related to combating money laundering and terrorist financing, and investor protection. Patrimonium is also guided by the widely accepted standards of good corporate governance.

In real estate, a sector sensitive to many environmental threats, our building improvements go beyond strict regulatory requirements to reduce the environmental footprint, improve energy efficiency and human well-being with above average financial results.
Our developments are concentrated on urban areas.

Our active portfolio management approach corroborates the company’s innate belief that sustainability and long term performance go hand in hand.

In addition, we strive to implement the UNPRI’s ESG principles into our daily investment processes, and actively follow the activity of the Swiss Sustainable Finance Association (SSF).