Investment Philosophy

At Patrimonium, the investments are carefully analyzed, structured and closely monitored:


Proprietary Deal Sourcing

We tend not to participate in auction processes, but rather seek opportunities that are outside the mainstream due to the particular circumstances affecting the investment target.

Due to a proprietary network and close working relationships to the relevant market participants we are able to react swiftly, often in advance of competing interests and to take advantage of opportunities before they come to market.


Capital Protection

Our approach is to combine protection against loss, which stems from buying claims or assets at reasonable prices, with substantial gains to be achieved by returning companies to financial viability through restructuring and applying reasonable capital structures combined with well-defined strategies and operational improvements.


Significance of Investment Selection

We believe that the key to investment success starts with selecting sound investments. Consistent and extensive on-site due diligence is key to value creation, followed by subsequent close involvement and monitoring of any further operational or strategic improvement measures. A tailored, bespoke transactions structure is the key to investment success. We believe in close and continuous monitoring over the total investment live cycle.