Patrimonium Healthcare Property Advisors AG

Patrimonium Healthcare Property Advisors (PHPA) combines the expertise of of Patrimonium in the field of the development, the financing and the management of real estate projects with the expertise of AEVIS VICTORIA in the field of hospital operations and healthcare sector.


PHPA aims to play an important role for healthcare real estate/infrastructure projects in the new economic environment created by the Swiss DRG-System.


PHPA combines the required know-how to be the partner & interface of choice for public private partnerships in the field of healthcare real estate / infrastructure projects.


PHPA currently manages and aims to further develop Swiss Healthcare Properties’ real estate portfolio


Swiss Healthcare Properties AG is owned by AEVIS VICTORIA SA, Switzerland's private clinics operations group, listed on the SIX. Swiss Healthcare Properties AG (SHP) focuses on healthcare related real estate investments all over Switzerland.


SHP owns 44 Swiss healthcare properties, located on 17 sites and representing a total rental surface of 193,880 sqm. The market value of the portfolio is currently evaluated to CHF 1.1bn.   


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