Our Core Values

Active portfolio management

Patrimonium takes an entrepreneurial approach to the management of its investments. Our products are not only carefully administered, but actively managed, to leverage the experience of our team.


Performance orientation

For capital to build, first, it must be maintained. With Patrimonium, investment potential is always balanced against risk.  



Business affairs are conducted openly and achievements reported accurately, to cultivate a climate of mutual trust.

Partnership at every level

Our primary goal is investment success, shared by all. Patrimonium believes in building long-term relationships based on trust, which benefit clients, business partners and employees.


Independence of ownership

Patrimonium is owned and managed by the people who founded it, entrepreneurs who share the risks and rewards of the investments.


Social Responsibility

The anticipation of societal needs is embedded in our active portfolio management strategy and entrepreneurial orientation. It is in the needs of the society at large, and of the environment, that we identify the potential for the long-term performance our clients long for.